Dry needling is a scientific-based alternative to Acupuncture in treating neuromuscular dysfunction. Acupuncture needles have been used for centuries to treat many different ailments, however; lately we have discovered that in inserting the filament thin needles directly  into the muscle and tendon bundles, therapists have been able to gain vast improvements in musculoskeletal issues that affect many people daily. Currently dry needling is so effective that it can be used as a stand alone treatment or else be incorporated into your Remedial Massage treatment.


Dry needling is fascinating. It works directly on your painful, tight areas by stimulating the muscle fibres that are often held in a tight contraction. Once the needle is inserted correctly it allows the muscle to relax and return to its normal tensile length. The needles do not hurt upon insertion however if you are prone to excessive tight muscles do expect a possible dull ache as the needle finds the trigger point or band of tight muscle fibres. This should however be followed by a send of immediate release as the muscle recognises the deactivation of the taught band. Our therapists are fully qualified in Dry Needling and will ensure your treatment is comfortable and effective.

At Vibrant Life Massage we have undertaken the utmost precautions when it comes to performing this treatment. Lisa and Rizz are available to deliver Dry needling and answer any other questions you may have.


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