Vibrant Life offers so much more than simply a massage – it’s a holistic experience that simultaneously targets both the mind and body. Each and every one of our staff members has been professionally trained to provide instant and long lasting relief to clients. We understand how stress and pain can be completely debilitating and how feelings of discomfort can impact on some, if not all areas of our lives. No one is immune and we all feel the need at some stage to simply shut the outside word out and drift into a different hemisphere that’s pain and stress free.

Our services include every type of massage and whether it’s a Swedish, lymphatic, cross fibre friction, trigger point, pregnancy or some other type of massage, we are here for you. There is never a need to suffer in discomfort as relief is at hand (literally) and thanks to our easy and instant on line booking service you can book your treatment at any time of the day. In addition we’re open for 12 hours a day Monday to Friday and eight hours on Saturdays so you know you can get the treatment you need and desire with ease.

vibrant life massage


vibrant life massage

Located in Wembley we are just ten minutes from the city centre and so are ideally located as a Perth massage provider. There is ample parking, little congestion and we are surrounded by some fantastic little coffee shops should you want more than our post massage snacks after your treatment.

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Vibrant Life Massage likes to offer much more than simply the treatment itself. We have worked hard to build a close and lasting relationship with many customers who know they can rely on our expert staff to treat the problem quickly or simply provide a relaxing experience. Our clients do not need to be in any sort of discomfort to come to us and many choose to have a massage because they feel they deserve it. What better way to end your working day than to stop off at Vibrant Life, enjoy the best massage experience of your life and go to bed feeling literally like a whole new person.

“We named ourselves Vibrant Life Massage because we recognise the fact one thing every person wants to feel in their life is the fact they feel vibrant and that’s something our professional massages can give to all our clients. We genuinely care and gain great satisfaction from watching someone walk out of our salon feeling like a new person; relaxed, refreshed and pain-free,” Melissa Coppen, Owner and Director of Vibrant Life Massage.