Remedial Massage Perth

Remedial Massage Perth

Remedial massage is a core service at Vibrant Life and we are proud of our reputation for providing an outstanding level of care in this area. We are approached each day by clients seeking relief from muscular pain that makes day to day living uncomfortable. Thanks to the expertise of our staff, all of whom are Australian trained and diploma qualified, we can find a fast and effective diagnosis of your pain and treat the core problem through individually tailored remedial massage. Perth based Vibrant Life has helped thousands of West Australians achieve a better quality of life and we are here for you today.

remedial massage perth

We welcome all new clients to sit down and talk through their pain and discomfort issues with us so we can help work out a treatment plan that will generate remarkable results in a short space of time. Sometimes just one of our unique remedial massages will do the trick but on other occasions we recommend a series of treatments to provide ongoing relief. We often suggest three to four sessions, after which a maintenance programme is all that is required.

remedial massage perth

Sports Massage

Stiff joints and tense muscles can hinder our range of movement and once again a remedial massage is frequently the best solution. While medicine has its role to play we find many of our clients wish to avoid this course of action and find massage to be the perfect chemical free, natural fix.

Each of our massages are adapted to suit the individual’s need. The beauty of remedial massage is it’s a very gentle and alternative way to treat pain. You can request a firm style if that is what works and feels best for you but equally we have masseurs who are renowned for their softer touch; simply tell us what suits you and we will do the rest.

Massage to Alleviate Stress

Our staff are very emotionally tuned into the people they treat and this greatly enhances the service we can provide. Our remedial massage Perth services are enhanced by our ability to connect with our customers and we appreciate the effect of any emotional stress you may be experiencing. While we will happily take a step back, we can provide support and instant stress relief by being someone to listen to as well while simultaneously targeting physical pain.


An office based job can be equally demanding on the body as a physical one because humans were not designed to sit for very long periods of time. Being in a sitting position for eight hours plus a day with little respite, can cause headaches, back ache and shoulder pain. Thanks to regular remedial massages we can ease that discomfort, improve posture and provide tips on how best to deal with a sedentary job, including the way you sit, the need for regular breaks and simple stretching exercises.
We have a good working relationship with a nearby chiropractor and regularly liaise to refer clients to each other. Our aim is to extend our referral programme to physiotherapists and naturopaths.

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