Pregnancy Massage Perth

We Understand You

Vibrant Life’s pregnancy massage Perth services are something very special and we can tailor our touch to perfectly suit each client’s needs. While carrying a child is a truly magical experience it can have its downfalls and these include the all too common symptoms of back ache, sore shoulders and sore, swollen feet.

pregnancy massage perth

At Vibrant Life Massage we have developed beautiful relaxing techniques that are perfectly designed to provide on the spot pain relief and enable our pregnant mums to experience far less discomfort throughout the rest of their pregnancy. By booking regular sessions our staff can use their gentle soothing touch to ease the pain felt throughout all trouble spots.

Melissa Coppen, the owner of Vibrant Life Massage, brings a wealth of experience in working with pregnant mothers to the company, having provided doula support on many occasions. She has a special passion for all areas of maternity related work.

pregnancy massage perth

The Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage

“There’s something really empowering and inspiring about pregnancy and I find women carrying babies have a really positive energy about them so I always get great enjoyment from pregnancy massages,” Melissa says.

We are proud of our ability to help calm pregnant mothers’ nerves through our pregnancy massages, especially those of first time mums to be. Perth based Vibrant Life Massage recognises that giving birth can be an extremely daunting prospect and there is naturally fear of the pain associated with it. Our pregnancy massages simultaneously work on the body and the emotional state of the mother so while tension gradually eases throughout the body, so it does the mind itself.

Our pregnancy massage Perth based services are provided by our team of highly skilled and experienced masseurs, each of whom offers their own unique style. When you book simply tell us whether you prefer a firm, medium or light touch and we will match you with the staff member best suited to your needs. We want your massage experience to be amazing and exceed all expectations.

Pregnancy Massage Perth - The Perfect Gift

Pregnancy massages are the ideal gift for a loved one, friend or baby shower. Why not purchase a treatment as a wonderful surprise that is guaranteed to provide welcome relief and a much needed uplift.

Post Birth Pregnancy Massage

The TLC your body deserves does not end with the birth itself and the weeks and months after are frequently much more physically and emotionally demanding and a well-deserved luxurious experience is a post-pregnancy massage. Perth’s Vibrant Life Massage can offer a range of techniques specifically designed to provide both relaxation and rejuvenation. Once again a gifted massage treatment makes an incredible present and why not book in a friend or loved one as your way of saying congratulations? We know they will love it!

“Pregnancy is one of the most precious times of your life and feeling that first kick and the excitement of your new baby’s arrival compares to nothing else on earth. Yet it can come with its downsides and at Vibrant Life we are here to reassure you and help prepare your body for birth or repair it after birth.”

Call us today to book your pregnancy massage and be prepared to feel instantly wonderful.

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