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There are many occasions when it isn’t enough to simply use traditional massage to help reduce the intensity of an ache or pain and on these occasions much firmer pressure is required, which is why we offer deep tissue massage. Perth based Vibrant Life Massage is renowned for its highly experienced staff, each of whom is committed to creating a massage experience that not only provides instant and long lasting relief, but also one which prompts clients to return again and again.

deep tissue massage perth

This style of massage hones in on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and is effective in releasing chronic patterns of tension in the body by the use of slow strokes using deep finger pressure on those areas that are contracted. It may also be necessary to use elbows when that extra degree of pressure is required. Our deep tissue massage Perth services either follow or go across the fibre of the muscles, tendons and fascia and this is a very effective way to break down or eliminate scar tissue.

deep tissue massage perth

Why You Need a Deep Tissue Massage

We never offer blanket relief pain but instead prefer to spend time speaking with our customers to get an exact idea of what discomfort they are suffering to enable us to fine tune our deep tissue massage method. Typically we will focus on one or two specific areas and it is not unusual to feel a little sore either during or immediately following the deep tissue massage. Perth and WA as a whole are renowned for promoting an outdoor, sporty lifestyle but naturally this comes with its downside. Our bodies can only take so much and if we push them too hard we may strain muscles but on many occasions a deep tissue massage is all that is required.

Our deep tissue massage Perth therapists will often recommend this style of massage for anyone suffering from chronic pain, stress, tight muscles or as part of an injury treatment programme. It is important to seek massage treatment sooner rather than later as early intervention is far more effective and prevents the problem escalating.

“If you’re suffering from any sort of pain or discomfort, from injury, stress or any other cause, we urge you to contact us today as we’d love the opportunity to use our finely tuned deep tissue massage techniques to work its magic,” Melissa Coppen, Director and Owner of Vibrant Life Massage.

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