Welcome to Vibrant Life Massage

Vibrant Life Massage has been providing instant pain relief, stress reduction and pure, unadulterated bliss and relaxation for Perth clients for more than a decade. We have a fantastic team of staff who are dedicated to making your life more comfortable and whether you’re struggling with a sporting injury, feeling tension from the pressure’s of life; mid-pregnancy or simply fancy treating yourself with a massage, we’re here for you.

Melissa Coppen, the owner and director, is passionate about providing a special experience for clients and loves the opportunity to sit down and bond with customers, while helping to identify any core problems and the best treatment available through massage. Likewise can be said for her team of highly committed staff, who at every opportunity  provide pain relief and/or relaxation for their clients.

Why Choose Vibrant Life Massage?

At Vibrant Life the aim is to provide an experience and not just a massage. Throughout the year we provide seasonal wholesome snacks and encourage our customers to chill out after their treatment and enjoy the post-treatment glow. We offer bliss balls, herbal teas, fruit and nuts, muffins and whatever else takes your fancy; the aim is to mix it up and surprise our clients with new and tasty delights.

One of the best aspects of our small business is you can book online simply and quickly. Are you suffering from a stiff neck at night or aching calves? Just hop online and choose your time slot which saves all the hassle of having to make calls in the morning to see who is available to treat you and when. There’s also the option to select your favorite Therapist if you wish.

Our Specialties

Being involved in the Natural Health sector as a Remedial Therapist for almost 10 years, has given me a great deal of exposure and insight to treating holistically. I take a very rounded approach to treating clients, and enjoy seeing a drastic change even after just one session.

— Melissa Coppen
vibrant life massage

Our staff are very attentive and accustomed to catering for a great age range of clients. So whether you’re a 16 year old sporting enthusiast or a senior in their nineties, Vibrant Life Massage are here for you. In addition, being a smaller business we’re not just a close knit team of staff but we like the fact we get the opportunity to know our customers really well. If clients wish to be private that is equally catered for but we are here and willing to listen at any stage before, during or after your treatment.

Meet The Team

“At Vibrant Life every staff member highly respects the privacy of their clients while also understanding your physical and emotional needs through massage. We endeavor to  tailor our technique and perfectly meet your needs and requirments.”