What is Corporate Massage?

There is no better way to say “Thank You” to your staff, and to show them that their health and wellbeing is important to your company than corporate massage.

We come into your office or workplace and give your staff massages ranging from 3 minutes to 1 hour per person. The typical amount of time for corporate massage is 15 minutes, we are able to fit 8 massages in a minimum 2 hour time period. And we are able to adjust the time periods to suit your needs.

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Massage in the workplace is a very simple, effective and beneficial experience.  We will provide either a special ergonomically designed massage chair or massage table, towels and face covers, and a Fully Qualified Remedial Therapist. Your employees remain fully clothed at all times and massage is performed without oil over clothing.

The massage is provided with a remedial perspective {which includes head, neck, shoulders, back and arms}, looking for problem areas in clients and trying to work out ways to improve their situation – using advice about appropriate postural behaviour and general stretching techniques, which may assist in their work and day-to-day lives.

Staff health and well-being is becoming an important item on the workplace agenda at the moment. Watch your staff work more efficiently, have fewer days away from work (especially on massage day) and less health/pain issues.

Why not have one yourself while we’re there?

How Does Massage Work?

Remedial massage works by releasing your aching and/or tight muscle groups, tendons and ligaments. Your remedial massage will increase your circulation which will in turn improve your healing ability and reduce the risk of future injury and illness. Your body will feel much more light and healthy and have improved your strength.

We will often use a variety of techniques to solve your problem such as direct pressure, stretching and sometimes active participation from you. In some cases your therapist will also give you advice on strengthening or stretching exercises you can do to help the process. This in turn, will help your body to function to its optimum.

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Massage can help by keeping your body supple and the muscles relaxed, increasing range of movement, preventing and rehabilitating injuries. You may have massage to assist with a particular problem or injury. You may also have massage as a preventative on a regular basis. This can vary from weekly, if you’re very active, to six weekly – depending on your activity levels, stress levels and type of work you do.

So How Can We Help your Team?

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Office Workers

Office workers often sit in positions for long periods of time, which is not helpful to your posture and well being. Sometimes it’s the computer screen, the mouse, the desk or your chair. We have some great advice for you about how to change these things to make your working life easier and more enjoyable.

You spend too many hours at work to suffer from headaches and shoulder or back pain in your spare time due to the way your work. Regular massage can be extremely helpful to help you maintain good posture and reduce stress levels at work.

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Stress can make you feel tired, panicky and sick. Everyone needs to reduce or manage their stress to the best of their ability, and massage can help! We can help your muscles relax instead of feeling tied up in knots, help your circulation which makes you less likely to pick up colds and viruses and remove those headaches you probably have.

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