Trigger Point Therapy at Our Perth Clinic

The human body is made up of an intricate network of joints, muscles and tendons. Trigger points are specific areas of pain and tenderness—as a result of things like stress and repetitive strain—that can cause aches, discomfort and unpleasant sensations in other parts of the body. This effect is known as ‘referral pain’ and can be in the form of shooting pain along a collection of muscles or a dull ache in a completely different area. For example, a trigger point in the back may cause pain in the neck, which in turn may lead to intermittent headaches.

A specialised therapy with a variety of potential benefits

We offer trigger point therapy at our Perth clinic to ease pain and discomfort associated with a range of conditions. While this form of therapy isn’t a miracle cure, many people have approached us for relief from issues such as:

  • Migraines
  • Shin splints
  • Chronic pain in muscles and joints
  • Computer shoulder
  • Sciatica pain

How does your therapist find the trigger point?

These points are different for each and every individual, which means that therapy is not always the same. After listening to your description of the pain, your therapist will lie you down on a bench use their hands to search key areas for any knots or tightness in your muscles. These points can sometimes be identified by touch as small bumps or lumps and commonly feel tender or mildly painful; this helps your therapist locate the areas requiring trigger point therapy. Pressure is applied to these points using various hand and finger techniques in order to physically break down the built-up knots in the muscle with the aim of relieving pain and tension while improving mobility.

While this may cause discomfort, the benefits are usually experienced quite quickly after therapy has concluded; in fact, many find the process itself therapeutic as they feel the tightness massaged away. Some individuals notice a different after just a single session, while others may require some extra treatments to get the most out of it. Pain is not the purpose of this therapy, so be sure to let your therapist know if you feel high levels of discomfort.  We reserve the right to refer clients to their medical practitioner for review at any stage in the treatment.

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