Treatment Plan & Remedial Massage

What is a treatment plan?
You would have heard your massage therapist mention a treatment plan during your consultation prior to having your massage.

You may have gotten the general idea of what they were referring to, or perhaps you were more concerned with getting on the massage table to alleviate your discomfort at the time and didn’t take in what was being explained.

All remedial massage consultations include a treatment plan - they can be extensive (usually on the first visit) or brief but all include a strategy to address your areas of concern at the time.
  • You and the therapist establish what you want from the massage treatment.

    At this point it is important to let the therapist know of presenting symptoms, what aggravates the condition, possible cause, past medical history including medications, surgery, injury and allergies.

  • The therapist will check problem areas

    Identify any areas with abnormal movement, pain and tightness including other areas that may be contributing to the discomfort or areas that are to be avoided – for example if there is a fracture. It is also important to advise your therapist if you are seeing other health professionals for the same complaint … this will give the therapist more clarity on the issue as well as enable them to compliment other treatments.

  • A plan of approach for treatment

    After the treatment goals have been established, a plan of approach for treatment is recommended that you agree with. If you are unsure about what is being discussed let the therapist know so they can answer any of your concerns or modify suggested treatment. An estimated time frame of treatments is usually indicated. This is beneficial as you have a timeframe to assess your improvement and the therapist can evaluate the effectiveness their treatment and if changes to the plan are required.

All treatments are documented - the initial evaluation, treatment and outcome as well as any response from previous treatments.

Any recommendations regarding posture, stretches and general recovery information are also included. This assists in assessing progress over a few treatments.

A treatment plan is important part of your consultation, it clarifies what the objectives for you and your therapist are, how it is to be carried out as well as monitoring effectiveness of the treatment.

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