Treatment Plan & Remedial Massage

What is a treatment plan?

You would have heard your massage therapist mention a treatment plan during your consultation prior to having your massage. You may have gotten the general idea of what they were referring to, or perhaps you were more concerned with getting on the massage table to alleviate your discomfort at the time and didn’t take in what was being explained. Learn more today

Therapists complete Advanced Training for Pregnancy Massage

The Australian Association of Massage Therapists changed their recommendations late in 2015 to ensure that Remedial Massage therapists undertook additional training to ensure they delivered the best possible treatment for the expectant mother and child. Pregnant woman with a strong …

Welcome to Vibrant Life Massage!

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Not many people are aware, but in February 2016 Vibrant Life Massage changed hands. Craig and Joanne, the new owners, have embarked on a program to update and modernise aspects of the business, without changing the great, value for money …