4 Reasons Why Massage Vouchers make a Great Gift

Everyone wants to spoil loved ones with gifts for special occasions that are beneficial and enjoyable – there are only so many novelty BBQ aprons that one person needs! But often the biggest question is what to give.

Are you aware that recent research into gifts shows that people value a carefully chosen experience more than an actual item – the experience has greater meaning and value than a single “thing”.

With that in mind, why chose massage vouchers? There are numerous benefits associated with massage, and an hour on the massage table can have lasting benefits after the treatment that often astound those who aren't already devotees of massage. 

Keep reading for 4 of the main reasons why a massage voucher would make you the most popular gift-giver this Christmas!

What else can you give where your loved one will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and restored?
back-pain-injury-on-fit-adult-man_SFzW761RSo 4 Reasons Why Massage Vouchers make a Great Gift

1. The Gift of Pain Removal

Pain is the most often given reason for why people seek a massage. And our amazing therapists at Vibrant Life Massage do an awesome job of improving the pain – 97% of our clients leave reporting improvements in their pain levels.

Massage is a perfect gift for those who live with ongoing or acute pain – whether is bought about by injury, accident, physical activity, or perhaps lack of activity.

2.  The Gift of Stress Relief

Stress is the second most common reason clients at Vibrant Life Massage come to visit us.  Whether it is a regular visit or a casual “once in a blue moon” experience, massage 

stress-woman-stressed_zkZQ19HO 4 Reasons Why Massage Vouchers make a Great Gift
Massage is safe for all ages, and is a completely drug free way of improving circulation, flexibility and general aches and pains.

definitely can help by calming the nervous system while providing time for the individual to enjoy some “alone time”.  Our therapists are there to provide the best experience – and we tailor our treatments to suit the recipient.  Want to talk, done.  Prefer some music, we can do that.  Need silence, consider it done!

girl-on-the-beach 4 Reasons Why Massage Vouchers make a Great Gift

3.  The gift of self-care

In this day and age, so many people struggle with the concept of self-care and with putting themselves first.  But unless these amazing people who keep your world turning take some time to care for themselves, they risk “burning out” and perhaps ending up ill. 

Massage offers a chance to stop, to focus on your own needs and re-connect with your body – which many people tend to ignore in our busy world.  Let us look after them on your behalf

4.  The gift of touch

Often people focus only on the issue of pain and stress, and ignore the other benefits of massage

      signature-image 4 Reasons Why Massage Vouchers make a Great Gift
      • Improved mood – reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety
      • Boosted energy and enthusiasm
      • Enhanced immune system 
      • Lowered blood pressure
      • Increased flexibility
      • Improved sleep

      Possibly one of the most important benefits that people don’t think about is that of touch and connection. 

      In this increasingly “connected” world many people are actually feeling more isolated and less connected than ever.  And changes in society means there are more people who don’t enjoy the benefits of a sympathetic touch as often as they need to for their own health and wellbeing

      And the best thing about giving a massage voucher is you don’t need to choose just one of these benefits – they can be enjoyed together without compromise. 

      Need more?  Our gift vouchers can be purchased alone, or as part of one of the great value gift packs that we have on special right now.  You can visit the clinic, or order online through our website. 

      If you want to purchase a gift pack online, no worries, we will simply hold the products until the voucher is redeemed and then hand them over as an extra “surprise” on your behalf.

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