11 Ways to Beat the Cold this Winter

If you have always lived in Perth, then you know that winter always seems to come as a surprise. We forget that the beautiful warm and sunny days of autumn will come to an end, and the cold will hit.

When it does, we tend to batten down the hatches and go into hibernation, planning to stay inside and wait until the sun comes back again!

While it is easy to understand why, after all we don’t really plan for the effects of the cold here in WA, this isn’t a very healthy way to live our lives. As Paul Theroux says, “Winter is a season of recovery and preparation”. Making healthy choices now will mean we are ready to go when summer comes around and we want to be fit, healthy and ready to enjoy the wonderful lifestyle here in Perth.

Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.
Paul Theroux

So, what can you do now to make the most of the opportunities of winter?

 1.  Drink Green and White Tea or Marsala Tea
traditional-china-tea_SwyelGlO2Ge-150x150 11 Ways to Beat the Cold this WinterTea rather than coffee, is the best drink for winter days. Tea increases your internal furnace and causes your body to increase its temperature, while coffee doesn’t. Tea is also lower in calories and carbs than other hot drinks like hot chocolate for example.

2.  Try a new winter hobby
Keeping active with a friend or social group can take your mind off the chill and not onlyyoga-training-300x127 11 Ways to Beat the Cold this Winter be great to keep your body warm, but also benefit the mind and soul. Branching out and expanding from your general running or yoga is usually an easier step to take when you do it with a friend. Start a new sport or take a gym class that you’ve always wanted to do and you’ll find yourself having fun, keeping warm and staying fit in the colder months.

3.  Insulate your home
Making sure your home is warm in the colder months can sometimes hike up with electricity bills that are usually high enough as it is. You can do basic things like putting up thick curtains over your windows, running draugh stoppers under the doors and closing the doors to all unused rooms. This will help to keep heat in a central room to the house for everyone to enjoy.

4.  Dress in layers and have a layer of natural wool, or silk next to your skin
Cotton is cold and holds moisture next to your skin. This is cooling in summer but will chill you in winter. Silk and wool both wick moisture away from your skin and insulate you with your own body heat. An added bonus is the fact that both silk and wool are naturally antibacterial, and soil resistant, so they also keep you smelling sweet and clean. They don’t need to be washed as often as cotton.

5.  Warm up your bed before you hop in

heatpack-in-use-150x150 11 Ways to Beat the Cold this WinterThe initial moments in a cold bed are the most uncomfortable. Hot water bottles have a risk of leaking if they aren’t closed properly, so a wheat pack is usually a better option – especially when it comes to heating up kids beds. Using a heat pack also means it will slowly lose heat and there’s no risk of burns if left in the bed overnight. Check out our range in the clinic

6.  Keep Hydrated
While you wouldn’t think it, dehydration is a huge concern during cold weather. Not many people know it, but cold air strips our bodies of moisture because it is drier and the winter winds carry moisture away from the skin’s surface through the process of evaporation. We don’t naturally feel as thirsty in cold weather versus hot weather, so drink plenty of water and hot drinks (which offer both hydration and warmth), even if you don’t feel thirsty.

7.  Cook up a storm
Apart from the fact that you’ll be making something yummy and will be filling your home with an amazing smell,IMG_0886-944-150x150 11 Ways to Beat the Cold this Winter you’ll also be filing your home with warmth from the oven. It might be costing you to run the oven, but at least you’ll be getting something delicious out of it. See our Facebook page for the recipe for our new favourite biscuit – Walnut, spice and maple biscuits

8.  Wake up and Stretch
Stretching in the morning is a great way to begin your day. You’ve just spent the whole night in just a few sleeping positions for hours at a time – you’re bound to feel some sort of ache when you wake. Try a few neck stretches and lower back stretches to release those tense muscles. You’ll notice that not only will you physically wake up quicker than usual, but you’ll also mentally feel prepared for the day a bit earlier than normal. No one really likes to do much just after waking up but the movement will help to kick-start your day.

9.  Take a break and have a bath
women-in-bath-sml-150x150 11 Ways to Beat the Cold this WinterEveryone loves a relaxing bath and 5 minutes to themselves to unwind. Hot baths encourage deeper flow of blood and lymph throughout the body and the other bonus is the endorphins that are released as our body temperature rises.

Magnesium flakes are a great addition for both internal and external benefits to your body. Concentrated form of Magnesium allows full absorption into muscles, nerves and tissue. Not everyone has the joy of a bath in their own home, so if this is the case, try a foot soak so you can still enjoy the benefit of healing through your feet.

10.  Have a massage
As you know, massage has many benefits all year round, but having regular massages during the cold season enhances blood flow, naturally lowering blood pressure and improving body function. The lower temps can bring discomforts, aches and pains that you wouldn’t normally feel when it’s warm outside, so a massage will help your body naturally fight off the cold.

11.  Get a pet
Anyone who has ever had a dog will understand when I say there is nothing as compelling as the need to letIMAG1328-150x150 11 Ways to Beat the Cold this Winter your pet outside in the morning to “take care of business”.  This will get you up and moving regardless of the temperature, and a brisk walk with your pet is great from both the social and physical activity point of view.  Pets are also great for cuddling.