Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Perth’s Inner West

There are many intricate and unique parts that make up the human body, and the lymph system is no exception. This network of vessels and nodes performs a crucial function for the immune system by filtering and transporting waste away from tissue around the body and back towards the heart. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have an automatic pump mechanism: it relies on movement in the muscles to propel fluid through the body.

When the lymph nodes aren’t functioning properly, fluid begins to build up in tissue around the body. This is known as oedema and can often result in swelling; a common example is the puffy legs and ankles many people experience after a long flight. Fluid retention can be caused by a variety of medical conditions or lack of movement; massaging the lymph nodes helps ease the symptoms of this build up.

How can massage help the function of the lymphatic system?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a light and relaxing method of encouraging the lymph nodes to transport waste away from fluid retention in body tissue. This is achieved through gentle hand and finger movements over the major lymph nodes of the body which are located in areas such as the armpits, groin and below the jaw. The areas that receive the most attention from the therapist will depend on the needs of the individual and what will be most effective for improving transportation of waste and reducing inflammation.

Safe and effective lymphatic drainage therapy from an experienced team

It’s important that this type of therapy is done safely to avoid any damage to the lymph nodes or vessels. Our team is fully trained to use the proper techniques for lymphatic massage to ensure you get the most of your session without any compromise on your wellbeing. Our full range of services includes trigger point therapy, pregnancy massage and more, so come down to Vibrant Life and rest easy knowing you are in capable, caring hands. Please note that we reserve the right to refer clients to their medical practitioner for review at any stage in the treatment to ensure your health and wellbeing is always put first.

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