Cancellation Policy Updates

Effective 1 January 2018 our cancellation policy will be changing. 

We, like many professional services, have a cancellation policy that reflects the time that a therapist sets aside for your appointment.  

scheduling-a-meeting-in-a-diary_M1cX-Bvd-300x252 Cancellation Policy updates - effective 1 January 2018

In most cases, 24-hours advance notice is required when cancelling or rescheduling an appointment. This allows the opportunity for someone else to avail themselves of our services.  If you can send someone else in to take your appointment then no charges will apply.  

If you are unable to give us a  minimum of 24-hours advance notice, the following fees will apply.

     More than 24 hours notice                            no charge

     12-24 hours notice                                          50% of price of the treatment booked

     0-12 hours notice                                            100% of the price of the treatment booked

However, we do understand stuff happens, and life can be unpredictable. So if you would like us to review this on a case-by-case basis please don’t hesitate to contact us.

This policy also applies to appointments scheduled to be paid with a gift certificate, and membership massages. 

Booking and/or confirmation of an appointment is acknowledgement of this cancellation policy.